Recruitment Consultant - Property

Posted 14 June 2022
Job type Permanent
DisciplineCommercial Property

Job description

Master your craft with us.

Recruitment Consultant: Property. Auckland based.

Assemble began its journey in 2009, initially as the New Zealand operation of international recruitment business Cobalt before rebranding as Assemble and becoming a separate, locally-owned and managed business in 2020.
We run with the conviction that when executed at its best, recruitment is a vital service that profoundly impacts a company’s success and underpins exceptional business outcomes.

At Assemble, recruitment is far more than a job - it’s a craft to be mastered. Simply put, we strive to do recruitment as well as it can be done.

How? Our experience, deep understanding of the market, unparalleled track record and relationships – both with our clients, and our team. We’re credible and we operate with great skill, unwavering ethics and ridiculously high energy levels.

Our reputation opens doors; we enjoy advisory-based client relationships that are steeped in a history of delivery and trust.

As a core function of our business from the very start, Property has been an outstanding performer, reflected by growth in the wider sector, which now makes up 15% of the national GDP.

Widely regarded as the only specialist recruiter in this field, our Property desk takes an industry enhancing perspective to recruitment. Backed by the idea of being a valued advisor, guiding the development of people’s careers within the industry through well thought out and ethical recruitment campaigns and strategies.

Perhaps you are a recent graduate and wish to apply your Property knowledge in a slightly different sector of the market. Maybe you are in a Property role and wish to challenge yourself in a sales role that genuinely benefits the industry as a whole. Or maybe you have some sales experience and want to get into the Property industry.

We don’t do things by halves here; these opportunities are for people who want to reach the pinnacle of recruitment. As such, ambition and drive are integral. However, so is the ability to laugh, not sweat the small stuff and wear your resilience like a cloak of armour. 

Whilst we don’t want you to think exactly like us (because diversity of thought is welcomed, encouraged, and celebrated here), you’ll need to be totally committed to our journey - and our approach.

There’s great reward, satisfaction and purpose in achieving optimal outcomes for clients, and you’ll get a real kick out of what you do. We certainly do.

You’ll be nurtured with our continuously evolving training and development programmes, supported with a relaxed yet comprehensive onboarding schedule which will settle you into the Assemble team. You’ll be given breathing space to get your feet under the desk and augment your own approach with ours. And importantly, you’ll feed off the energy and knowledge of your colleagues, who’re 100 percent invested in your success.

We’ve created a workplace culture that fosters ambition and high-performance. We understand that as an employer, it’s our responsibility to provide an environment where our people will thrive. And they do.

We have a team of remarkable consultants who are operating at the top of their game. They’re committed, determined and they love what they do.  There’s an energy in our workplace that you can almost touch. It’s exciting and infectious.

Our stunning new offices have been designed to inspire and encourage collaboration, whilst also providing space for concentration and quiet. We know that health and wellbeing is fundamental to reaching peak performance, so we offer nutritious breakfasts, healthy drinks and an annual health and wellbeing allowance that can be used on anything from yoga retreats to at-home exercise equipment. Our team also receive full comprehensive Southern Cross health insurance for that extra peace of mind.

This is a truly unique opportunity for people who share our commitment to, and belief in, the craft of recruitment. If this sounds appealing, we'd love to hear from you so please drop us a line directly at or apply via this ad.