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About Us

We Are New Zealand's Property & Infrastructure Specialists

For twelve years and counting we've dedicated ourselves to providing high quality recruitment solutions to the Property and Infrastructure sectors here in New Zealand. Over this time our body of experience, contacts and knowledge has grown immeasurably, all of which feeds in to the market leading capability we offer today.

What Makes Us Good At What We Do

There are lots of contributing factors that make us good at what we do. Really though the key one is - experience. We've got a lot of it and the more we gain the better we become at putting it all together for our clients and candidates.

It's our business to stay over the market, to constantly expand our contact base, to listen to what people are telling us they are looking for and why, to take that information and give it market context, to help set realistic expectations and then to deliver on those expectations.

We do all of this objectively, efficiently and discretely.

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We're only as good as the people who work for us. If you're an aspiring Recruiter or a highly experienced consultant, we're always keen to meet people who think Assemble might be the place for them. Contact us today to start the conversation.