Project Manager

Posted 16 November 2022
Job type Permanent

Job description

About the Company: 

This specialist team are a group of people who manage, consult and partner with clients to bring impactful projects to life, across the entire project management lifecycle. They specialise in commercial, residential, hotels, rail, ports & more. This company is known for their passion, professionalism and collaboration; bringing the right people, processes and experience together to generate positive community outcomes. 

Above everything else, this company invests in the future of their people with an active growth programme internally for staff, and encourage them to take a proactive interest in their growth and development by understanding each individual's aspirations and what opportunities are available to them within the company.

This role is based in Wellington. 

The Role:
  • Create and execute project work plans and monitor compliance with project budgets and documents
  • Ensure design specifications are being met during the construction process
  • Understand cost-to-completion projections and make decisions accordingly
  • Effectively manage project risk through mitigation planning
  • Foster and maintain great relationships with all stakeholders
  • Monitor and report against the implemented Health and Safety plan
  • Conduct project review meetings, dealing with contractors work progress, schedule reviews and construction coordination
The Ideal candidate will have: 
  • Construction relevant degree or qualification
  • An understanding of the NZ construction industry with 4+ years experience
  • NZ consultancy or client rep previous experience
  • A strong understanding and knowledge of building code and compliance
  • Able to demonstrate project delivery in more than one sector
  • Clear and articulate communication with ability to express expectations as well as provide regular constructive feedback
  • Ability to set, observe and re-evaluate project priorities frequently
  • Communication and management of contractors in an efficient and timely manner
If you are interested and motivated by this opportunity, please apply now, or contact Sasha Cunningham on