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Why you should always interview for multiple jobs simultaneously

​It may be a controversial opinion from a recruiter, but we advise candidates that interviewing for multiple roles at the same time is the best strategy to secure the ideal job for you. This process is even more effective when managed centrally through a specialised recruiter who understands the market thoroughly. They can collaborate with you to decide how many and which employers to interview with, allowing you to conduct your due diligence confidently. This ensures you gain exposure to the best employers for you, saving time and reducing stress. Additionally, having a third-party intermediary helps navigate any timing challenges and advocate on your behalf.

When you're ready to sign a new job contract, it's crucial to do so confidently, knowing you have explored all available opportunities and compared offers to find the best match for your skills, goals, and values.

Here’s why interviewing for multiple jobs simultaneously can lead to the best outcomes for you:

Broader market perspective: Interviewing for multiple jobs provides a wider view of available opportunities, helping you make informed decisions about the best fit for your career path and long-term goals.

Market mapping: With multiple offers, you are in a stronger position to maximise your salary, benefits, and other employment terms.

Reduced pressure: Interviewing with several companies can alleviate the stress of relying solely on one opportunity, often enabling candidates to interview with greater confidence and ease.

Cultural fit: Different employers offer diverse cultures, work environments, and values. Interviewing at multiple places lets you assess which company aligns best with your personal values.

Skill enhancement: Each interview process enhances your skills, helping you refine your interview techniques and better prepare for future opportunities.

Increased offer probability: More interviews increase your chances of receiving an offer, providing alternatives if your preferred option doesn't work out.

While you may be concerned about wasting an employer's time by interviewing for multiple jobs, remember that employers expect candidates to consider several options and that an interview does not guarantee an offer acceptance. Managing this process successfully requires transparency and respect for each employer's time.

Our team of expert recruiters at Assemble is ready to assist you in this process, ensuring your next move is the right one for you.