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Perspectives on Engineering Qualifications

​In conversations with both clients and candidates within the field of Engineering, a notable divide often exists between those who pursued their qualifications at Unitec, and those who attended traditional Universities. Interestingly, when talking with employers, this divide tends to manifest in hiring preferences.

Individuals who completed their engineering studies at a University often lean towards hiring candidates with a similar academic background. This preference tends to be rooted in the belief that a University education fosters critical thinking and a broad understanding of engineering principles beyond just practical skills. University education tends to lay the foundation for individuals to pursue Chartership.

Conversely, those who graduated from Unitec emphasise the practical aspect of their education, and when hiring, see the value of hiring candidates with hands-on skills who are immediately able to contribute to the workforce.

Ultimately, the hiring preferences between Unitec and University engineering programs hint at affinity bias within the sector. As impartial specialist Engineering recruiters, we can bridge this gap and assist employers in recognising the strengths of both educational pathways and the power of diversity of perspectives and skill-sets in the workplace.

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