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Seizing Career Opportunities 2024 - Project Management

​Given the ongoing discussions regarding a softer market, it's crucial for project management professionals to maintain a positive outlook and explore the unique career opportunities that emerge from these market dynamics.

The current landscape is not without its hurdles; skill shortages, fluctuating material costs, higher interest rates, and global economic pressures will continue to present significant challenges. Despite these obstacles, there are still opportunities for Project Managers in the market.

Based on our market analysis, skill shortages remain a significant concern for businesses with projects to deliver. There is a continuous demand for experienced Intermediate through to Senior Project Managers capable of leading complex multi-disciplinary projects effectively. If you are a Project Manager, keep pace with the sector's transformations, learn the emerging.

For Project Managers, staying updated with sector transformations, understanding emerging trends, and mastering persistent challenges are crucial steps to unlocking opportunities and being prepared for them when they arise.

With our overarching market knowledge, we can present these opportunities and help overcome any apprehension for you to pave the way for a successful career.

If you’re open to exploring new roles, simply looking for a market update or wanting a guide on salary trends, Olivia Langford-Lee would love to share her knowledge with you.

For a casual chat call her on 027 256 0620 or arrange a time to meet for a coffee in Auckland.