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Redundancies – are they happening?

​In the current economic landscape, concerns from candidates about redundancies loom large. We are here to set the record straight; the Construction, Property and Infrastructure job market is not experiencing widespread layoffs. People are holding on to their jobs tightly, contributing to a stable employment environment.

Employers have started the year cautiously, with many predicting a turnaround by the middle of the year.

What we are seeing on the ground is that it is still an incredibly tight talent market, indicated by low unemployment rates. The ‘soft’ market is not releasing any talent back into the talent pool and there continues to be a scarcity of suitable candidates and employers will continue to struggle to attract quality talent when hiring.

Like employers, we are predicting the market to turn, we don't know exactly when but are working to the consensus view of mid-year. Given the tightness of the talent market we are advising our clients to be prepared so they can respond to change in the market conditions, enabling them to resource up before any further strain is put on the talent market.

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