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The Current Static Market

​The current state of the New Zealand employment market is notably static, marked by a scarcity of growth-oriented positions. This stagnation is influenced by a range of overarching macro factors; inflation, cost of living, net migration, and a recent change in government. Despite this landscape, individuals currently find themselves contentedly employed, benefiting from the financial rewards of recent salary upswings.

As specialist Property, Construction, Infrastructure and Engineering recruiters our advice is that now is the time to seize potential openings without contending against a massive pool of candidates. While we anticipate a resurgence in the employment market, likely beginning in 2024, this revival will bring increased competition for every role.

Our message: even if you are comfortable in your current position we recommend now as an ideal time to explore and apply for opportunities.

The prevailing perception among job seekers is that there is a dearth of available roles, leading many to opt for the security of their current positions. Current job listings often stem from attrition or address critical business needs, but exceptional opportunities do exist.

This is an ideal opportunity to leverage market conditions for career redirection, advancement, or remuneration enhancement. The clients we partner with have an increased openness to non-traditional backgrounds due to a lack of active applications. This presents a unique chance to secure a position that might have been unattainable in a more competitive environment.

Conversely, as the market rebounds, more roles will emerge, accompanied by a surge in competition. Securing your next career move will likely become more challenging at that point. In a static market, collaborating with a specialist recruiter can be a strategic move to connect with unique opportunities. Exploring contract roles is also a viable option, providing the benefits of higher remuneration and exposure to diverse opportunities.

Our advice is to be prepared to actively engage with the current job market, as the current market presents a significant opportunity to make a lasting impact on your career. The specialist recruiters at Assemble are attuned to the market conditions, currently representing a number of compelling roles, including some off-market opportunities. Now is an opportune moment to reach out to them and position yourself for success in 2024.