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Addressing the Regional Salary Disparity

The current dynamics of such a tight talent market, coupled with the growing financial strain on individuals, have triggered a migration of professionals to regional New Zealand. Exacerbating the talent shortages in major cities, the influx has injected fresh talent and expertise into regional New Zealand.

As specialist recruiters for Property, Construction and Infrastructure in New Zealand, our job openings span the entire country. However, we frequently hear from candidates expressing frustration about the decrease in salary when considering a move into regional areas for positions with similar responsibilities and demands, making it a daunting decision to leave their current roles for reduced compensation.

Historically, these salary gaps, which can range from $10,000 to $20,000, have been justified by employers based on differences in the cost of living between major cities and regional areas. In the current economic climate amidst a cost-of-living crisis, this argument often falls short.

Many of the employers we partner with are now ensuring that their job opportunities are compelling by offering salaries that are competitive when compared to roles in major cities. The Assemble Salary guide, along with the expertise of our specialist recruiters, is often utilised to help establish these competitive compensation packages. The high demand for talent from cities like Auckland and Wellington is causing a ripple effect, placing upward pressure on salaries nationwide.

For candidates grappling with this issue, we recommend partnering with a recruitment agency that can assist you in securing a job at a competitive rate, eliminating the need to accept a salary reduction to work in regional areas. Knowing your true worth and not settling for less is crucial.

If you currently reside in a regional town and find yourself in this situation, we encourage you to initiate a conversation with your employer about receiving compensation at the market rate. If you feel undervalued and are unable to make headway, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our Specialist Infrastructure, Construction, and Property recruiters to explore opportunities that align with your expectations.

For regional employers seeking to attract talent, now is an ideal time to reassess your salary offerings and ensure they align with market expectations. While the perks and lifestyle advantages of a regional location can be substantial, there's no denying that the most compelling incentive for talent acquisition remains competitive compensation.

Our team of specialist recruiters are here to help, give one of the Assemble team a call for a confidential discussion.