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Job Security Comparison: Consultancy Project Management vs. Public Sector Project Management in New Zealand's Election Year

New Zealand's project management industry encompasses opportunities in both the consultancy and public sectors. With an election year on the horizon, professionals in this field may be concerned about job security. Using our unique perspective across the recruitment market the team at Assemble analyse and compare job security aspects of working in project management roles within New Zealand's consultancy and public sectors during an election year.

Consultancy Project Management:

Consultancy firms in New Zealand's project management industry often operate in a competitive market, driven by client demands and economic conditions. While this competitiveness can introduce uncertainties, consultancy project management roles may offer certain advantages in terms of job security during an election year.

These include:

- Diverse Client Base: Consultancies typically work with multiple clients across various industries including delivering public sector work. This diversified client base can help mitigate the impact of political changes on a particular sector or project, providing a buffer against potential job instability during an election year.

- Flexibility and Adaptability: Consultancy firms often possess the agility to respond quickly to market shifts. They can adjust their focus to different projects or sectors as needed, allowing them to navigate potential disruptions caused by election outcomes more effectively.

- Industry Expertise: Consultancies frequently attract experienced professionals and maintain a deep pool of specialised talent. This expertise can enhance job security as consultancy firms are better equipped to adapt to changing market conditions and deliver valuable services to clients.

Public Sector Project Management:

The public sector in New Zealand's project management industry operates within a framework of government policies and funding allocations. While job security in the public sector is generally perceived as more stable, an election year can introduce certain uncertainties.

- Government Priorities and Budgeting: Following an election, the incoming government may prioritise specific areas, resulting in changes to project portfolios and budgets. This could potentially impact project management roles within the public sector, particularly if there are significant shifts in policy direction or funding allocations.

- Stability in Core Services: Some project management roles within the public sector involve the delivery of essential services such as infrastructure development and public works. These core services tend to be less susceptible to political changes, providing a relatively higher degree of job security.

- Institutional Knowledge and Tenure: Public sector project management roles often benefit from the stability and continuity of institutional knowledge. Professionals who have established themselves within the public sector and have developed expertise in their respective roles may experience greater job security, as their skills and experience are valued by the organization.


While both consultancy project management and public sector project management in New Zealand offer job security considerations, the specific impacts of an election year may vary.

Consultancy project management roles, with their diversified client base, adaptability, and industry expertise, may provide a certain level of resilience to potential election-related disruptions. On the other hand, public sector project management roles, particularly those associated with core services and long-standing institutional knowledge, may also offer a stable employment environment.

Ultimately, individual job security depends on factors such as project portfolios, government priorities, and personal circumstances. Professionals in the project management industry should remain adaptable, stay updated on industry trends, and assess their own risk tolerance against their skills, and expertise when considering job security in either sector during an election year.

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