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Career Spotlight: Simon Dickson – General Manager at Dimension Shopfitters

​The team at Assemble are privileged to work with many talented people in the Property, Infrastructure and Construction sector. We take our role as specialist recruiters seriously and adding value to the industry. As part of this we wanted to take the time to sit down with some of the top Industry professionals to share their personal journeys and advice with you.

This week we talked to Simon Dickson, General Manager at Dimension Shopfitters, and here’s what he had to say.

1. What do you love about your job/profession?

There is a lot to appreciate about this industry. From the satisfaction of creating something from an empty interior shell, to a major brand retailing its product in a space we created.

In parallel to this, is the fast pace at which we work; from being awarded a project to completing a full fitout in 4-6 weeks keeps you tuned into change, continuous improvement and innovation. Combined these two factors gives you an energy to perform with the team around you.

2. What is it like to work at Dimension Shopfitters?

Dimension is a highly successful interior fit out company specialising in retail. Every day the team are striving for great results and we have a culture where success breeds a desire to improve, always. The business has been operating for 18 years and the team have created a unique position in the market where we are known for delivering excellence and an experienced team. Our people are superb, and our internal focus is simply ‘get it done well’.

The skillset within the business is high; from our talented factory team right through to our Project Management and site teams, these teams combine to bring projects together. The Dimension team operates with integrity throughout all its people, which has proven to be a great foundation for growth and is a tribute to its founders.

3. Are you in the role you thought you would be in when you started your career?

No, not at all. I started my career in commercial construction with Fletchers a long time ago and thought I would stay in that ‘big building space’ I have transitioned through to retail store projects and development, manufacturing and design, and back to building and making stuff – its been a full on experience covering a wide spectrum but has certainly positioned me well to keep on learning, adapting and applying my people skills to drive performance.

4. What advice would you give to those entering the profession if you knew what you know now?

Great question, my advice would be to continuously look at how to improve yourself, the systems around you and interactions with your people and customers.

I often say to my team and our own children ‘its not hard to be 10% better than the person/company next to you – if you made a 10% gain in one item each week you power up fast and soon take the lead.’ Stay out in front and be eager to learn.

Sure find that niche or role you enjoy but look at how you can improve along the way, this makes your role interesting and will be the key to your own success – ultimately only you can measure your success, so make it happen for you. Trust me it won’t be handed to you on a plate. You will gain from that, the company you are employed by will gain from your drive for success and more importantly your customers or stakeholders will benefit.

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