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Skills Shortage

New Zealand is operating within a serious skills shortage, unemployment is low, immigration is suspended and talented people are in demand. This skills shortage is especially evident within the construction industry, also a key part of the economy New Zealand is relying on for its economic recovery. 

The shortage of skilled workers on large construction projects is widely discussed and only being enhanced by further travel restrictions and global competition for this same talent. Countries worldwide are investing in infrastructure to help in the recovery of their own economies making talent even harder to access. 

New Zealand is now facing increased competition for roles like engineers, project managers and skilled construction workers from within our country, but also from other countries, where wages are often higher and the cost of living lower. 

While New Zealand’s halt on immigration and boarder closures are a significant factor on the current skills shortage,  it is not solely to blame. As an industry there has been years of underinvestment in training and education for construction professionals and no real initiative to drive young people down the career path. 

In May the Minister of Infrastructure, Grant Robertson, announced 300 places in managed isolation between June and October for specialised construction workers which doesn’t seem to have scratched the surface of the issue. 

In the recruitment space this is translating to a very competitive market, job offers are met with counter offers and in extreme cases we are seeing increases in normal base salaries up to $50,000 just to secure talent for specific roles. If you are struggling with your recruitment needs in construction get in touch withRachel McNickle, Assembles construction recruitment specialist. 

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