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One of the most challenging recruitment markets in history

New Zealand is experiencing one of the most challenging recruitment markets in history, resulting from a combination of borders being closed, a lack of New Zealanders returning home and adding into this mix we are now starting to see the trickle of people heading back overseas, specifically to Australia and the UK. With no talent coming in, no time frames for this to open up and the ever-increasing risk of people leaving, we are seeing significant impacts on our clients within the sector. 

As New Zealand’s Property & Infrastructure Recruitment Specialists, we see this pressure translate into the market in a couple of ways. The first is when businesses get busy, recruitment is the first thing to drop off the to-do list. The other is when recruitment is perceived to be too hard, it doesn’t get actioned. At Assemble, we firmly believe that this hierarchy of priorities needs to change. People are a crucial asset enabling businesses to deliver and with Assemble, we get the job done, it’s not painful, time consuming or something to put off. We deliver you the best people for the role(s), so you can get on with delivering your business priorities. 

If you have been putting off addressing your recruitment needs, get in touch with the Assemble team who can help get resources in place to move your business forward.